quinta-feira, 10 de julho de 2014

Por Elisa Lambert
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Dear Coffee and/or Brazil fans!
 Sinto atualizar esta página Internet tão tarde!!! (I'm sorry for the late update!) I decided to take a tablet instead of a laptop to Brazil to avoid overweight regarding the airport guidelines, but unfortunately it's impossible to edit this page with android systems, so I had to ask at Fazenda Nossa Senhora Aparecida, the location of the administration, if I could lend a computer in order to keep you posted.
 After a long flight from Munich to Sao Paulo, I had to take a domestic flight to Riberão Preto. When I arrived there I was picked up and brought to Fazenda Chapadão, where O'Coffee welcomes its interns and guests. 
In contrary to African coffee producing countries the inhabitants of Brazil love to drink coffee. Normally they prepare it manual, means they usually grind and brew the beans themselves. They enhance the intensively aromatized drink with sugar (white or brown).
On Monday, 7th of July, I changed my room located in a Bungalow like house at Chapadão, took breakfast at the lovely restaurant there and then Gabrinio, the coodinator of the reception, drove Pedro, another intern, and me to Nossa Senhora Aparecida. First of all the staff introduced everybody of the administration. Then we learned about the criteria of a successfully roasted coffee and how to roast raw Arabica beans by ourselves. Afterwards we were also shown how to brew coffee manual by using filters. Although this way of preparing coffee seems to be more elaborate, it tastes much better than the machine version in my opinion, as the aroma has more time to develop.
At Nossa Senhora Aparecida sheep, cattle, horses, poultry and dogs are kept, too. 3 different sheep races are bred here, so dear sheep fans, even if you don't like coffe, you will have at least one reason to come.
Today, on the 8th of July, we got a phantastic insight into the mechanical harvesting process. If you stood on top of a harvesting machine you would see that all the hills are covered by coffee plants. 
O'Coffee also cares for the conservation of biodiversity. Rare animals spotted on the farms are put on a list continuously mentioning the exact time and place they are seen. With this information the company champions their habitat and welfare.
 I have to admit that it's a bit difficult to understand everyone, as I began learning portuguese in the end of 2013, but the best way to improve your language skills is travelling to the country speaking this language and get used to its sound. Everybody is so nice here, I really appreciate your help and explanations, muito obrigada.
Just in time for my stay, the Seleção is playing against the German national soccer team. I'm sure it will be an exciting game for both teams. Although the Brazilian players improved, I hope Germany will win, go! (desculpe, gente. Não me odeie!)
See you soon!

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